About Southern Lung Specialists PC

Top Critical Care and Pulmonary Disease Specialist in Macon

Our clinic in Macon is an initial touchpoint for both preventative and diagnostic medical services. At Southern Lung Specialists, we provide efficient and high-quality care, especially in the area of Pulmonology and Liposuction/ Body Contoring . Call us on +1 (478) 745-9998, come in and speak to our approachable staff in person, or use the contact form below to start your journey


Improve Your Life: Preventative and Disease Management

Southern Lung Specialists' mission is to improve the lives of our patients by offering the highest quality, compassionate care. Our doctors are Fellowship trained, Board Certified Pulmonologists who are also Board Certified in Critical Care and Sleep Medicine.

Expert Medical Services

We are proud to provide expert diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment for patients of all ages with immune and allergic diseases. Mild to severe allergic reactions can be the body’s immune system's response to common allergens such as environmental, insect, and food. You can feel several body disruptions, from coughing and sneezing to hives, lip swelling, and anaphylaxis. When the cause of your allergies is identified, it is important to have ... Read more

Your Life In A Bikini

We offer a wide variety of nutritional plans, healthy supplements, and products to assist you in your weight loss journey. We have a unique system in place to help you and to keep track of your weight loss progress as you proceed with our services. More importantly, we don’t only focus on raw weight loss – we also create personalized healthy lifestyle plans tailored to your health, interests, and capability. We believe in a personalized appr... Read more